Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

  • QuickStart is…

–An innovative tutorial about “consulting as a career”

–A summary of the essential elements for starting and building a consulting practice

  • IMC is …

–A 52 year old professional association for independent consultants

–A certifying body for best practices & ethics in the profession

  • Awards: the Certified Management Consultant CMC©

–Part of a global community of Institutes in 50 countries 

What's Different About Quickstart?

  • Uses an innovative “Flipped Classroom” approach that introduces course materials outside of class, and uses in-class time for inquiry, application, and insight. 
  • Provides an opportunity to learn from the experiences of successful consultants (over 90+ years in the business) 
  • Provides personalized instruction – bring your questions to the live episodes

So what’s so different about this event?

  • Uses a mentoring approach to answer, “Is consulting is right for you?”
  • Provides valuable tips for success in building your own business
  • It’s delivered by active professionals making a living in the trade

–Participatory format - not “talking heads”

  • Focuses on the incredible diversity of opportunities that can support a consulting career

–AND emphasizes the diversity of approaches as well

  • Emphasizes the best practices and ethical standards for the profession

–Will differentiate any consultant from the ones that “take your watch to tell you the time!” 

Can you tell me about the Format & Objectives?

  • Format

–Two 90 minute “episodes” per week for three consecutive weeks

  • 1st episode – an on-demand video overview of content
  • 2nd episode – a live interactive conversation about the content
  • Objectives

–Provide a realistic overview of consulting as a career opportunity

–Identify key skills, pitfalls, challenges and types of consultancies

  • Consulting Mentors

–Active, engaged management consultants

  • They know the business: Over 90 years cumulative experience
  • They understand the breadth of opportunities:
  • Committed to the best practices:

–IMC  leadership

–Certified Management Consultants (CMC®)

What are the topics discussed?

  • Episode 1. Consulting as a Business

–Including:  Why consider? Types of consulting practices?  Skills?   Challenges, etc. (Included here!)

  • Episode 2. Creating Your Marketing Plan &
    Sales Strategy

–Including:  Defining services; Business planning, Branding; Marketing; Networking, etc.

  • Episode 3. Managing engagements

–Including: Best practices;
Avoiding scope creep; Proposals; Ethical considerations; Referrals, etc.

  • Episode 4. Handling back-
    room operations

–Including: Business structures; Legal implications; Partners- Associates-Staff?; Tax & insurance considerations, etc.


What is in Episode 1?

Consulting as a Business

Topics covered :

  • Why consider consulting?
  • What are the different types of consulting practices?
  • Why a company would use a consultant?
  • Different types of consulting engagements?
  • Skills, credentials & mindset required?
  • What challenges and pitfalls should I consider?

What are Frequent Uses of Consulting Services?

  • Problems in manufacturing operations/distribution
  • Incentive programs
  • Organizational development
  • Succession planning
  • Compensation programs
  • Marketing strategy
  • Market research
  • Engineering/technical services
  • Turnarounds
  • Change Management
  • Sales organization and administration
  • Financial and accounting
  • Strategic planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • IT strategy and implementation
  • Human resources
  • Product Development
  • Executive search
  • And much more

What are the Skills and Credentials required?

  • Discipline, industry knowledge, experience
  • Strong intrapersonal skills – political savvy
  • Good selling skills

–Unique Selling Proposition

  • Good communications skills
  • Strong ability to grasp and understand the basics of the client’s business even if you have no experience in that industry!

The internet is your friend!

What are the Challenges and pitfalls?

  • Overestimating the market for your services
  • Underestimating the selling effort required
  • Wasting time on unproductive prospects
  • Too broad a field in which to consult

–Segment: public, private, non-profit

–What Industry

–Vertical or Horizontal

–Local, regional, national, international

  • Failure to learn and “client’s language and jargon”
  • Setting fees too low
  • Excessive reimbursement “nickel & diming”
  • Setting expectations too high

Who Should Attend?

  • Are worried that their job is at risk and they need an option?
  • Seek new career opportunities with greater independence and control?
  • Are considering consulting as a career?
  • Are struggling to recharge their consulting business in this pandemic?
  • Are an early stage consultant and want to grow?

What else can I learn about the program?

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