Program Curriculum

In the QuickStart Program expert practitioners teach the fundamentals of launching and building a successful consulting practice.

Episode 1: Consulting as a business [FREE Click here to view]

Why consider consulting?

Different types of consulting practices

Why a company would use a consultant

Different types of consulting engagements

Challenges and pitfalls (on a personal basis)

Skills, credentials & mindset required

Episode 2: Creating Your Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy 

Defining your scope of service offerings & target client groups

Planning and building your brand, image

Creating a pipeline of prospects

Determining client needs and decision making process

Planning sales processes

Converting prospects into clients; closing

Marketing Tools (to fill the funnel)

Episode 3: Managing your consulting engagement

Stages of consulting engagements: Understanding client needs

Adding value to the enterprise / Different types of engagements

Defining objective, scope, deliverables, timeframe

Scope: additional resources/consultants?

Understanding client politics

Making an effective proposal / Pricing

Managing projects effectively

Situations with ethical implications

Managing expectations, avoiding scope creep

Building post-project systems for on-going success

Reflection and learning from engagements

Episode 4: Handling Back Room Operations

Types of business structures; Legal implications

Partners? Associates? Staff?

Tax and insurance considerations

Periodic reports, recurring tasks, agreements



Our team of Consulting Mentors will help you to
compress your journey, establish your consulting
goals and build a successful practice.

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