About IMC QuickStart

  • QuickStart is…

–An innovative tutorial about “consulting as a career”

–A summary of the essential elements for starting and building a consulting practice

  • IMC is …

–A 52 year old professional association for independent consultants

–A certifying body for best practices & ethics in the profession

  • Awards: the Certified Management Consultant CMC©

–Part of a global community of Institutes in 50 countries

So what’s so different about this event?

  • Uses a mentoring approach to answer, “Is consulting is right for you?”
  • Provides valuable tips for success in building your own business
  • It’s delivered by active professionals making a living in the trade
    • Participatory format - not “talking heads”
  • Focuses on the incredible diversity of opportunities that can support a consulting career
    • AND emphasizes the diversity of approaches as well
  • Emphasizes the best practices and ethical standards for the profession
    • Will differentiate any consultant from the ones that “take your watch to tell you the time!”
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